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Doctor Supervised Weight Loss  Program


Congratulations on the decision to become leaner and healthier! Welcome to a weight loss program where can you safely lose up to 25 pounds in only 40 days. Clients of any age, gender, or lifestyle lose an actual average of twenty-five pounds in only six weeks with our all natural program. 

For best results, please do the following:

  1. Watch the above video in its entirety. The video on this page is NOT the video you have already seen. It contains some of the same material, but is much more detailed.

  2. Download the digital handbook below and read it completely.

  3. Decide on a "start date" -- most patients choose to start on Saturday.

  4. Begin the blue drops on day 1 -- you will eat whatever you want on days 1 and 2.

  5. Continue the blue drops on day 3 -- start the AM fasting portion but make sure to drink lots of water

    • if you get hungry the first day or two, please make sure you are drinking LOTS of water​

    • you can add a little lean protein in the morning, if needed, until your body gets accustomed to low carb

    • the hunger pains will improve...don't give up!

  6. ​Start pink bottle on day 41​

Click here for the complete digital handbook.

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