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Healthy Weight DNA Testing

Healthy Weight DNA Insight is a blood or saliva test by Pathway Genomics. This test is offered through our clinic. The test is specifically designed to test the patient for certain genetic variances which may alter how the patient handles food or his/her metabolism. Some estimates now say that 1/3 to 1/2 of the American population is obese. This trend is predicted to worsen. The current young population may actually be the first generation in years to DIE FASTER than their parents of natural causes!

Healthy Weight DNA Insight may be very beneficial to a patient's individualized nutrition program. It will allow the provider, dietitian and patient to be more educated on exactly what type of changes and what type of diet will work best for that particular patient and his/her genetic makeup. This is a huge help and is part of individualized medicine.

The results are usually back within 2-3 weeks. The patient will then return to the office for a thorough review of the information and a basic dietary program will also be discussed.

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