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Restoration of Vaginal & Gynecologic Health

It's time to talk about it! Low hormone levels can cause more than just hot flashes! It is widely known that low hormone levels caused by natural aging, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation or even some cancer medications can cause hot flashes, mood swings and night sweats, but many women (and their partners) had no idea that it can affect you in a MUCH more intimate way.


Vaginal atrophy or changes in the actual vaginal tissue can lead to decreased elasticity to such a degree that it may cause severe pain, burning and bleeding with the slightest trauma. Intercourse can be practically impossible!

For years, men and women (and even some doctors) have been afraid or embarrassed to bring up the topic of painful intercourse or severe vaginal dryness.  Not only can this condition be uncomfortable in daily life but it can also lead to increased problems with urinary infections, vaginal infections, vaginal discomfort such as itching and burning, and recurrent bladder infections (not to mention the effects it may have on intimacy).



Mona Lisa Touch

It's time FOR RELIEF!


This revolutionary new CO2 (carbon dioxide) laser induces a mild thermal effect in the vaginal tissue which leads to restoration of elasticity by increased growth of collagen as well as infiltration of new blood supply to feed the new collagen. Women around the world are calling it a life-changer.


The treatment consists of three, 5-minute, practically painless procedures spaced at 6 weeks apart.  Call now to learn more about it. Dr. Strobel is happy to see patients from other gynecologic or general practices as well (that don't offer this procedure) and will send treatment records back to your physician so he/she is aware of the treatments you have received.


This treatment does NOT contain nor activate any type of hormones in the body so is VERY SAFE for all patients including those who cannot or do not wish to use hormones.


Also, learn more about our AQ VRS (Vaginal Rejuvenation System) to use in conjunction with Mona Lisa Touch (or by itself )by clicking here.

May help restore your relationship!
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