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Advanced Cardiovascular
& Lipid Panels

We are proud to offer individualized testing by Boston Heart Diagnostics as well as throught Quest Diagnostics/Cleveland Clinic.  

"Knowing your risk for heart disease is the first step in maintaining a healthy heart.

Despite advances in treatment, heart disease still claims one out of every three deaths in the United States. At Boston Heart, all we do, every day, is work to reduce heart disease—by providing the information and tools needed to better assess heart disease risk—and to improve heart health.

The best strategy to prevent and manage heart disease is to understand your risk and embrace a heart healthy lifestyle. Traditionally, healthcare providers focused on a patient’s cholesterol levels as the primary indicator of risk. However, knowing your cholesterol levels is not enough. Boston Heart’s research and science has advanced technology which goes far beyond standard cholesterol screening to accurately determine your individual risk of heart disease."

The blood is drawn early in the morning and does require a fasting specimen. Drinking water prior to testing is encouraged, however. These results are usually reported within 3-4 weeks. The patient will be called to schedule an appointment with their provider or the dietitian to review the results in detail. We then work to help the patient set up a FREE dietary program with the use of Boston Heart Diagnostics advanced online software. The patient will have access to this account afterwards for their own use.

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