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New patients are those patients never before seen in our medical clinic OR a patient who has not been seen in 3 years or more.  We require receipt of outside medical records and any pertinent labs/testing PRIOR to making a new patient appointment. This improves our ability to care for our patients AND reduces costs by avoiding repeat testing that may not be needed.


Patients must complete a full set of forms which includes information about demographics, insurance or payment method, personal and family medical history and more. We also have included our Patient Joint Healthcare agreement, prescription refill policy, HIPAA consent,  and financial policy in the initial paperwork.


There is also a release form included to expedite our receiving your outside records. Due to staffing shortages at most clinics, we are experiencing significant delays in receiving outside records, so it will be up to you to contact those offices after we send them the release form to help expedite this process.


You must arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your new patient appointment, also. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. We realize this is a frustrating process, but, it is only a ONE TIME process, and, once it is done, it will help you to receive more thorough and better care in our office.

If you like to complete forms electronically, click here to quickly and easily complete and sign the forms electronically on a smartphone, iPad or tablet. This form will automatically be sent to us once you have completed it.  

If you prefer the old-fashioned way, just click here to access the complete paperwork package PDF form. You will need to print, sign and send back these forms via email to, or you can fax to 903-957-0279 OR take pics of each page and text them back to us at 903-957-0275 once completed. These forms do NOT automatically process or save so you must save the digital file OR print it.

To complete your medical history only, click here.

Other forms CLICK HERE

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