Are you stuck at home and fearful of getting out in public due to the coronavirus pandemic? Or are you stuck at work? Feel too ill to leave bed? Live too far away to drive back to the office (again)? Are you on vacation and want to visit your trusted healthcare provider instead of visiting an urgent care clinic?

Televisits bring you the quality of our care wherever you are! We know your medical and medication history, and, therefore, can offer you safe, effective solutions for your health issues.*
What is a televisit?

A televisit is a virtual one-on-one office visit which is performed via a real-time 2-way audiovisual portal or app. This means that it takes place over an internet connection through a computer or cell phone. 'Visit' meaning that you will see a provider in real-time to discuss your health. The provider will be able to assess your symptoms and issues and make the necessary recommendations, including prescribing medications and scheduling follow up appointments.

How do televisits work?

Our office uses a HIPAA-compliant, secure version of ZOOM. Qualifying patients* must sign a telemedicine consent form. After that is received, the office will set up an appointment for you. Before your 1st televisit, you will need to either download the ZOOM app (looks like the picture to the left) from the Apple store or the Android store on your phone. You can also use a computer if there is a webcam attached or built-in. You will receive a text message from our office with the ZOOM link prior to your appointment. You will need to allow use of the camera and the microphone. Televisits REQUIRE the use of a camera.

Options for established patients

Chronic care visits

Chronic care televisits are followup appointments between in-person office visits. They can offer...

  • assistance with medication management

  • followup on labs, diagnostic imaging (such as xrays, CT scans, MRI, bone density scans, and more) or other tests ordered at previous visits

  • renewal of medications prescribed by one of our providers (except for controlled substances used for chronic pain)

Acute care visits

Acute or immediate care televisits are appointments to discuss newly-developed symptoms. These include, but are not limited to,...

  • bladder infection or UTI

  • back pain

  • skin conditions

  • rash

  • anxiety

  • abdominal or pelvic pain

  • sinus infection

  • cough

  • flu-like symptoms

  • bronchitis

  • upper respiratory infection

  • nausea and/or vomiting

  • diarrhea

Options for new patients

New patient visits are preferred to be in-person, but, televisits provide easier access to a provider in some cases. During the visits, you will...

  • get acquainted with the provider

  • receive necessary labs and/or diagnostic imaging orders

  • go over medication management

  • schedule an in-office followup appointment

*Some restrictions may apply. Currently only patients in Texas may choose televisit in our office since our providers are licensed in Texas. As of January 2018, insurance plans are required to cover televisits in Texas, but the coverage varies by policy. Medicare plans previously did not cover televisits unless they were performed with the patient in qualifying locations. Most states now are covering televisits emergently to help health coverage. In addition, the CMS is working on changing their guidelines as well for the pandemic. It is ultimately the patient responsible to confirm coverage.








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