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A healthy diet and proper body weight are important for maintaining good health, but, many people struggle with unhealthy habits and weight gain. Others really try hard to achieve a good weight, but find that their efforts yield little results. We can help! Did you know that hormone imbalance or even a thyroid disorder may be contributing to your weight struggles? Schedule an appointment today by calling or texting our main number 903-957-0275.

Healthy Food

Holistic nutrition is the combination of food and nutrients to help individuals achieve optimal mental, physical and behavioral health. It can be used as a preventative health approach for the average person without any ailments or as a modality for healing and symptom management for people living with chronic illness or other medical conditions. The focus is on eating foods that provide your body with the highest levels of nutritional value and supplementing the diet with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids etc. when necessary. It also involves educating the patient to remove unhealthy choices from the diet.

Different illnesses, conditions or diseases have different nutritional requirements and each responds to diet and nutrition uniquely. It usually takes a minimum of two visits to begin to build the foundation for a healthier lifestyle.  Follow-up visits are usually a must as well.

Depending on the severity of the symptoms, the patient may be asked to complete other questionnaires or even to consider further blood testing such as food sensitivity testing and/or micronutrient testing. These tests are used in conjunction with the patients symptoms to formulate an individual dietary and wellness plan. 

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