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Office Hysteroscopy


Office hysteroscopy is a simple procedure where a very small, flexible camera is introduced into the uterus to look for possible abnormalities. This may be done because of abnormal bleeding, postmenopausal bleeding or spotting, or an abnormality found on pelvic sonogram (ultrasound).


Usually the procedure takes about 5 to 10 minutes. It involves minor discomfort. If biopsies are required, there may be more cramping involved. A biopsy is when a small amount of tissue is removed from the uterine lining. We recommend that our patients take ibuprofen or naproxen about 30 minutes prior to the procedure to help with the cramping in the event that biopsies are required.


Dr. Strobel will usually place a small instrument called a speculum into the vagina so she can see the cervix. She will clean the vagina and cervix with an iodine solution then place a numbing spray onto the cervix. At this point, Dr. Strobel will insert the small thin scope into the cervix and uterus while describing each step while she is doing the procedure so you will know what to expect.  If a biopsy is necessary, it will not be done without telling you so that there are no surprises.


Biopsy results usually require up to 1 week. We call our patients to inform them of the results. If you have not received your results within one week, please call the office.


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