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Lab Evaluation

Dr. Strobel and her staff perform a variety of routine, complex and hormonal lab evaluations in the office. The exact labs drawn depend upon what labs a patient has already had done recently as well as his/her symptoms and medical conditions.

Most of the labs are interpreted with those symptoms in mind so the lab's "normal range" are often not considered "optimal".  We urge our patients to schedule a follow-up appointment to discuss lab results and to work with the provider to formulate a plan of care. This plan often will involve patient participation with dietary and lifestyle changes as well as possible recommendation of vitamins and/or supplements.

In our experience, motivated patients who follow the plan of care, including the dietary recommendations as well as any prescription or over-the-counter medications, have significantly better results than those patients who do not. You can learn a little more about your lab results by clicking below to learn more about specifics.

CBC (complete blood count)

CMP (complete metabolic panel)


Boston Heart Diagnostics

Thyroid testing

Female hormone labs

Male hormone labs

Hair loss evaluation

Abnormal facial/body hair growth

Vitamin deficiencies

Iron studies

Genetic testing for cancers

Pharmacogenomics testing (salivary testing for determining how the body metabolizes drugs)

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